Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Swirls...and a few "odds & ends"...

 I'm not sure if I told you...
But my hubby surprised me and ordered me a KopyKake!
For those not familiar with this tool...
It is a projector for cake and cookie decorators to aid in copying images to their work.
 Many people ask if this is "cheating".
And I will answer a BIG...RESOUNDING...
 The KopyKake is a tool that helps you mass produce identical images.
When you are "drawing"/piping is very difficult to get every image on a cookie or cake to turn out the same.
The KopyKake aids decorators in mass producing the EXACT same image over and over again.
 And again...for those who asked about cheating?
The KopyKake is NOT an easy "trace and copy" machine.
It takes A LOT of practice!
There is much skill in learning how to use this machine!
I have only sat down twice to use mine and I can already tell...
It's going to be a long time before I become skilled with it!
Anyway...I did these top four pictures (the sweet swirls) with the KopyKake.
I looked up some clip-art damask images and projected them onto the cookies to practice.
And let me say...
This is gonna take some time to learn how to master!
 After I got done playing with the KopyKake...I had some leftover cookies and icing and just decided to "play".
 I was tired when I did they're a little shaky.
My favorite was the round white polka-dot one.
I LOVE polka dots.
I think I foresee many more polka-dots in my future!

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