Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet & Salty...

 I started my "confection journey" by chance.
I had always wanted to take cake decorating classes.
So I signed up for the Wilton Basics at our local craft store.
I started making a few cakes...practicing, reading blogs, checking out baking Facebook pages...
And then...
 I discovered the art of decorated cookies!
And so I started practicing and fell in love with the art of cookie decorating.
When I decided to "name myself"...
I thought, "Do I incorporate the word cake or cookie?"
I didn't want to be "locked in" to any one type of dessert, treat, or confection!
So...I came up with "Sweet Ivy Confections".
I figured by calling it "confections"...I was free to do cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cake truffles, cookies, cookie pops, candy, or ANY OTHER treat or dessert I wanted!  Ha!
Today's post is not only a "sweet treat"...but also salty!
My youngest son was complaining  wanting a sweet bedtime snack and yet nothing sounded good to him.  You know how that goes...when there's NOTHING in the house to eat...
Me: "How about Oreos?"
Him: No.
Me: "How about some sherbert?"
Him: No.
...and so on...
So...I found that I had some extra chocolate in the frig from my last cake pop order, so I dipped these pretzel braids halfway into the chocolate and gave them some springtime sprinkles.
The kid was happy.


  1. These are cute with the little sprinkles on the ends! I love sweet and salty treats!

    1. Everything is better with sprinkles...that's what I always say, hehehe! ;)

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  3. Our stories are similar! What fun, huh?