Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just A Simple Little Birthday Cake...For Me!

February 6th was my birthday.
I hate to say, "The older you get, birthdays just aren't as special"...but I don't know.
It's kind of true.
I mean, I don't have a problem with getting older...
I'm grateful for the life God has blessed me with.
I am healthy and blessed with an amazing family!
But "aging" is quite another thing for me.
I hate the whole aging process...wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin, gaining weight.
The physical appearance takes A LOT more maintenance, that's for sure!
So, I'm fighting it every step of the way.
I've got a bathroom stocked with wrinkle cream, hair color, tanning and toning lotions.
You name it, I try it, LOL!
But anyway...I am not one to get all depressed about birthdays...I choose to celebrate LIFE instead of getting older.
I have a nice dinner out with my family, eat a piece of cake, and just go on about my day as any other day.  Ha!
This year I didn't really do anything major.
Just made a simple white cake with classic buttercream.
I did it in my favorite and yellow.
And made it nice and girly...lots of ruffles.
I also tried something new.
I made flowers out of white chocolate.
I melted it down, and piped it onto wax paper.
After it chilled and dried, I peeled it off and popped them onto the cake!
Pretty cute!
I had a nice birthday.
My youngest son had a band concert that night, and I always enjoy hearing both of my boys play in the band.
What is YOUR favorite birthday dessert?
I think next year I'll make a homemade cheesecake! 


  1. Melody, your bday cake was pretty, great job! Happy Birthday and hope it was a super fun day.