Friday, December 30, 2011

For the love of Michigan...Pure Michigan...The ONLY Mitten.

There is actually a story behind these cookies.
A couple weeks back, there was a big HUGE article CONTROVERSY about the state of Wisconsin trying to use the "mitten" to describe their state and promote winter tourism.
Michiganders, all over the state, came UNGLUED!

And it is NOT Wisconsin.

This was so made the front page of Michigan newspapers all over the state.
It was all over Facebook, Twitter, EVERYWHERE.

You don't MESS with THE MITTEN.
The ONLY mitten!

And let's face it...if you showed even a preschooler, a picture of the map of the United States and asked them to point to the mitten...they'd point to Michigan.

There was even a joke/cartoon going around of an x-ray of a hand with a mitten on it, showing Michigan...and then Wisonsin next to it...showing and describing Wisconsin as a "mitten", yet looked more like a hand shriveled with arthritis.
It was pretty funny.

So that is where and how I got the inspiration for these cookies.
Out of my love for Michigan.

There are plenty of things I don't like that go on in our state.
But the state of Michigan in BEAUTIFUL, rich with history, and I love it.

And so I had some fun with these cookies and all the sayings I put on them.
No disrespect at all to our Wisconsin neighbors...just pure fun.

I tried a new recipe as well.
My three guys get really tired of sugar cookies from all my decorating/practicing.

So I tried a chocolate chip cut-out recipe.
And it turned out REALLY yummy!
And so...dear MICHIGAN...the ONLY mitten...we love you.
Don't MESS with the mitten!

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