Saturday, December 17, 2011

Polka Dot/Spiral/Bow Birthday Cake

This was my second ever attempt at a "totally" covered fondant cake.
I've worked with fondant three times.
But only two of the three were "totally" covered cakes...the other just had fondant decor.

This was ordered for a Sweet 16 birthday party by a friend of my son's.
It was a french vanilla cake, with classic buttercream icing/filling, and marshmallow fondant.

This was the first time I ever attempted a bow and spirals.
Thankfully I asked my baking advice group if I should make them ahead of time...because I had no clue.
And I got a resounding "YES".
So I made the topper (bow, spirals) several days out so they had time to dry/harden into their shape.
I had no idea they wouldn't hold shape without drying.
Again...SO GLAD I asked ahead of time, LOL!

Overall I think it turned out pretty good and I felt pretty happy about it.
There are things I still need to improve on.
But for my second ever attempt...
I thought it was A-OK.

The birthday girl was happy...
And as I always say...
If the client is happy...then I'm happy too!

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  1. You did a super job on those spirals! Love the colors!