Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If I Never See Another Sugar Cookie...It Might Be Too Soon...J/K...

I have completed all of my "customer" orders for December.

Did I just say that?

It sounds so weird, because I NEVER DREAMED that I would EVER have "customers" for my baking adventure!  But, I do!  And I thought I'd share a few of the orders that were placed, plus a few of my own cookies that I did just for fun.

The Santas and Snowmen that you see were done for a holiday class party for a special little girl...my friend's daughter.
I hear the snowmen went REALLY fast, LOL!
Funny, I fancied the Santas being the more popular ones, LOL!

Go figure.
Can't figure out kiddos, LOL!

These stars are just some I did on my own for fun.
I just wanted to use some non-traditional colors.
Just playing around.

I kinda like them.

Nothing "typical" about them, as far as "Christmas" goes.

These were some I just did for "extras".
Some went into baskets for teachers and bus drivers of my sons'.

I found cute little "baskets" with Christmas/winter themes on them at Target.
Placed a little tissue in them.
And then bagged up cookies, white chocolate dipped pretzels, and cake truffles and filled the baskets.

I hope the teachers and bus drivers like them.

I always wonder how teachers/staff feel about homemade baked goods, LOL!

Being such a "germ-a-phobe" I always wonder things like this, LOL!

These trees, I did again in non-traditional colors.

I thought they were kinda cool.

And more for the teachers and drivers.

I feel like I've been baking sugar cookies NON-STOP.

I don't think my oven has seen so much action in it's entire life, as it has the past week!

And the last of the sugar cookies...

Some will probably go down to my family's house when we celebrate Christmas.

Some will be for Santa.

These are nothing special, LOL...just using up the remaining icing...so nothing has any real rhyme or reason, LOL!

Lastly, a few "different" treats I made...
My husband LOVES white chocolate dipped pretzels...
So I had to sneak in some of those for him.

And then I did a few cake truffles as well for the teachers.

I am done with the "decorative" baking for the season (I think, LOL!)...
Next up is the tried & true family favorites.
Butter Balls, Magic Cookie Bars, etc.
Thinking of maybe even cranking out some mini holiday cupcakes...
You just never know about 'ol Sweet Ivy, LOL!

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