Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leftover Icing + Extra Cookie Dough = Nautical Themed Cookies

What do you get when you have leftover icing and extra cookie dough?
In this case, nautical cookies!
I love when I have leftover icing and extra cookie dough from orders and projects.
It gives me the perfect opportunity to practice.
In this case, I didn't really try any new techniques.
I just enjoyed trying out some new cookie cutters that I purchased over the summer and hadn't used yet.
I got the anchor up at Mackinac Island when we were on vacation in July.
I found it at the gift shop up at Fort Mackinac.
You just never know where or when you're going to come across a unique cookie cutter!
The lobster, I got at a garage sale!
I wasn't even looking for baking items.
They had THREE BRAND NEW lobster cookie cutters with the tags still on them from them from the store!
You you KNOW I grabbed one and bought it!
The seagull came from a nautical boxed set I bought a couple years ago and never used.
And then the little sailboat...
My sweet Nate bought it for me at school at an auction his class had one day!
Like I said...
You just never know where or when you'll come across a great cookie cutter!
They all have a story! 
Where are some of the unique places you've gotten your cutters from?

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