Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Cookie Pop Bouquets!

As promised, this week was all about the babies!

I had two clients who recently had babies and I wanted to not only do a baby gift, but also a little something for the other family members (mom, dad, siblings).

So this was a perfect time to practice some baby cookies!

I had never done baby cookies.

The only "somewhat" baby cookie cutter I had in my collection as of yet, was a little duckie.

I had to attempt to make some templates and do FREE-HAND cutting with a knife!

I did the baby bottles and onesies free-hand.
I traced and cut out a template/pattern from the computer.
Then I just took a paring knife and traced around them.
For a first attempt, I was pretty happy with the results!
No longer limited to the cookie cutters I have in my collection!
Really, the possibilities are endless with cutting free-hand!

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