Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few More Halloween Cookies...

I decorated a few more Halloween cookies.
Still having issues with my Royal Icing.

I'm wondering if I've discovered a link to the runny icing and what just may be the cause!
My Kitchen Aid Mixer is on the same counter just above where my dishwasher is.
I have had my dishwasher running numerous times when baking/decorating.
Well, let me tell dishwasher puts out an ENORMOUS amount of heat and steam when operating.
I'm wondering...just maybe...if all that moisture/humidity seaping out was the cause to my runny icing?
Who knows.
One can never tell with Royal Icing.
But hey, it's worth placing the blame somewhere, right?

These were a few simple spiders I did.
My youngest son loved them.

Their bodies are actually made from some pre-made "flower centers" that I had made a while back and frozen.
I planned on using them for flower centers.

When I saw I had purple, I thought they'd coordinate nicely with the Halloween color scheme.
Plus, my youngest LOVES purple!

They're simple...but we like them!

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  1. Your cookies are so cute! Have you checked out sweetopia? She has a whole troubleshooting blog for royal icing and how to mix it and what can help resolve certain issues. Marian is a cookie genius and calle from sweetsugarbelles too!