Sunday, September 11, 2011

Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes (Take 2)

These cupcakes have come to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE cupcake.

I am not opposed to using a boxed cake mix.
But there is just NO SUBSTITUTE for the taste and flavor of something completely 100% homemade from scratch.

I made these before and that is where the love affair started.
I have been meaning to make them again, but they are a very time consuming cupcake.
Not difficult by any means...they just have a lot of steps...and require time.

I got the recipe from Heather at SprinkleBakes.
You can find it here.

Mine are not near as pretty as hers...but I can assure you, they taste AMAZING!
I did not make the little candied decorations this time for mine.
I attempted this last time, and let's just say...
I didn't have the best experience with it, LOL!
If you love caramel, if you love sea salt...and the sweet/salty combination they bring together...
You have GOT to try these cupcakes!

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