Monday, September 26, 2011

More Chocolatey Goodness!

These cupcakes are 100% pure chocolate.
Devil's Food cake, filled with chocolate pudding, and frosted with chocolate icing.
I told you!
100% pure chocolate!

Myself...I enjoy a variety of desserts.
I love trying new flavors.
I love experimenting with new flavors and combinations.
But two of my three guys in our house think that there is no other option when it comes to dessert.
I'll try a new recipe, and the first thing my husband will say is, "You know what would make this better?" bet.
He'll say, "If it were only filled with chocolate" or "If it had a little drizzle of chocolate sauce across the top" get the picture.
I enjoy chocolate.
But I can take it or leave it.
I enjoy WAAAAAAY too many other things to get stuck in a chocolate rut.
But I HAVE to make some simple chocolatey goodness every once in a while for my guys.
They put up with all of my fancy, crazy recipe the least I can do is make the men a simple chocolate cake or pie every once in a while!

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  1. nothing better than chocolate....and those look wonderful!