Friday, October 11, 2013

"Cute As A Button"...A First Birthday Party...

 Could there be anything more cute than "Cute As A Button" for a first birthday party?
I think not.
 I was asked to do these button cookies for the button themed party for little Ellie's birthday.
I couldn't resist including a surprise birthday cupcake cookie for the birthday girl!
 I love this color scheme.
I was given a sample invitation to go on and I think this color palette is absolutely adorable for a little one's birthday party!
 You know that I just "have" to pick at least one thing on all of my creations that bother me...
And with this one, I was disappointed that all of the cookies didn't turn out perfectly round and that all of the button holes weren't uniform.
 A friend told me, "I think their lack of uniformity is what makes them look whimsical and cute! I thought you did that on purpose!" I feel better, haha!
Yes, I have to agree with her.
It DOES make them look rather whimsical and cute not being perfectly uniform!
 I love doing themes like these.
When someone gives a request for "character" cookies...there is such pressure to make the character look EXACTLY a certain way.  When given a theme like this, it gives me more freedom to be creative!
I had a blast doing this project and think they turned out really cute.
It was a pleasure to work with my customer Cindy.
Happy birthday little Ellie!


  1. These are so cute Melody! I love the colors and how cute they are all packaged up together! Great job!

    1. Thank-you sweet Cristin! They were so much fun to make! :)