Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MSBOA Band Competition Cookies 2013

 This year is my oldest son's senior of high school.
He's been in the marching band all four years of high school.
And although we'll be doing it all over again with his younger brother in a couple years, I'm still sad to see it come to a close for Evan.  It's as they say, "Time sure does fly when you're having fun!"  I have loved watching my son go through his school years.  Through all the ups and downs...he's done it...SENIOR YEAR!
 Each year for the MSBOA competition, our school has hosted the competition.
We have supplied the judges with a meal.
I have brought the dessert for the last two years.
What could be better than the MSBOA logo and some band instruments!
I knew I had to buy these band cookie cutters when I came across them, seeing as how BOTH of my boys are in the marching band!
 The piping on this logo cookie was KILLER.
I wouldn't say it's "identical"...but it's pretty stinkin' close!
These were a lot of fun to do.
I hope the judges enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoyed making them!
P.S.  Oh...and for the record...we got a DIVISION 1 RATING in the competition!  Woot Woot!  Gotta toot our own horn, don't we? Haha!

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