Sunday, February 5, 2012

Age Is Just A Number Baby!...A VERY Special Birthday Cake...MINE!

Age is just a number baby!

You're only as old as you feel!
Yes, I do tend to have a little of my Grandma M. in me...getting older doesn't settle well with me.
And although I'm not "happy" about it...I'm not going to go into depression mode either.

Yes, I intend to fight it (gracefully) every step of the way with hair color, wrinkle cream, and anything else I can find to cover up, lift up, unwrinkle, or make me look younger...I refuse to be depressed about it!
I am celebrating!
A wiser me!
A me that is more comfortable with myself and others!

A me that doesn't care what others think!
Ok, maybe just a little.
But with age comes wisdom!
And I'm feeling good!
I am HAPPY about this stage of life!
And to celebrate...I made myself a cake!

A plain white cake (for this simple girl).
With classic buttercream, what color?
In a house full of blue...three guys...
This is one girly girl who loves all things pink, frilly, and feminine!

A friend even told me when she saw my cake, "I would expect no less!"

I bought a new ruffle tip that I had been wanting to try out.
I haven't mastered it.
But, for a first attempt I thought it was cute enough.
I placed the fondant rosette that I posted about earlier right on top of my "frilly-girly" cake!
And so...
Here's to another year!
May it be filled with health and happiness!
(And lots of baking!)

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  1. Love your frilly-girly cake!! Happy birthday!! I'm turning the big "4-0" next month! We are more alike than we know! lol!!! Enjoy this special time in your life! :)