Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PROJECT: Dominican Republic Or Bust!

My sister and niece are going on a missions trip this summer to the Dominican Republic.

My niece went last year with my brother-in-law, but this year, my sister will be making the trip with them.

I have gone on two missions trip...when I was 18 and then again at age 21...and they are life changing experiences.
They not only change the lives of those you touch when ministering, but these trips change YOU as well.

You really see how fortunate we are living in the USA, and it really makes you reevaluate your priorities.

You see how fortunate we are living in such a blessed country where we have so much and so many freedoms.

To go on this trip, they need to raise many funds.

One of the many fundraisers they had at their church was a bake sale.

They asked if I would be willing to donate some cake pops and cookies, to which I gladly said YES!

I have a heart for missions...especially since I have been on two missions trips.

I love supporting missionaries.

I don't even remember how many bags of cookies and cake pops I ended up doing.

But I had a wonderful time doing it!

I did a variety of cookies.

I did some classic sugar cookies.

And some brown sugar spice cookies.

It gave me a chance to try out a lot of different designs.

I did some of the lace cookies that all of us bakers have fallen in love with and are trying to master.

I did some with little rosettes/rosebuds.

I did some xoxox's.

I did quite a few mini hearts.

I packaged some as "I <3 U".

Even did a few florals for springtime...even though we're not quite there yet.

I think the cookies turned out fairly well over all.

My sister said they sold very well.

I packaged everything in little bags with silver ties and ribbons.

I also printed out little "tags" and tied those onto them.

I "titled" each cookie and put the flavor on it.

I also did loads of cake pops.

I did a simple yellow cake on these.

I did two different types of coating.

Half were dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles.

The other half I dipped in milk chocolate.

I did a white chocolate drizzle on the milk chocolate ones.

The finished product.

Off to The Gateway Church they go!
Dominican Republic or bust!
God bless!

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