Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Momsie's Birthday Cake...

This was the final product of my quilling experiment!
My momsie's birthday cake!

My mom's birthday is February 1 and mine is February 6, so we usually have a celebration together.

There were two new techniques I had been wanting to the first, being quilling went on my mom's cake!

I thought it turned out halfway decent for a first attempt!
I did the petal effect on the sides.
I'm not quite sure WHY this cake turned out so flat!  LOL!

I did just use a box mix on this one, and after talking with another baking friend, she said she had been noticing the same thing on some of her cakes!
We're wondering if they're putting less mix in cake mixes now!
It tastes great, none the less.
It was very moist, light, and fluffy.
And I think mom enjoyed it...and end the end, as I always say...
That's all that matters!

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