Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Icing Woes...Hockey Pucks...And A Few Cake Pops For Good Measure...

Oh the woes of making black icing...
Any newbie baker will tell you the hardships of making black icing.
I did learn the best kept secret is to start with a chocolate base.
Lots of good cocoa powder makes for a nice deep rich chocolatey base to start your black off right!
And I mean...lots...
Of black food coloring.
I also learned from the "seasoned" bakers...
That AmeriColor is the color gel of choice.
Unfortunately, all I had was Wilton.
So I worked with what I had.
Thankfully...we achieved black!
No one wants an "off-black" hockey puck, LOL!
Oh, by the way...
That IS what these are...
Hockey pucks.
Can you tell?
I've never done hockey pucks.
So when this order came in...I was a little worried.
No formal cookie cutter.
These came from an "oval" and then I cut the ends off.
This was one order that had me really worried.
As I'm so used to making things in "bright", "cheery" colors.
I mostly make "cutesy" things.
But hockey pucks?
I'd never done them.
They're round...and black.
There wasn't a lot I could do to make them "cute".
Except...package them nicely.
And so I did the best I could.
I added ribbons in team colors and attached little tags with the team emblem on them.
I really hope they liked them!
I think this was one of my most worrisome orders.
I was very fearful, as I'd never done hockey pucks!
Along with the hockey puck cookies, there was an order for cake pops in the team colors as well.
Can't screw that up!  LOL!
With the yellow coating...
And black sugar sprinkles...
They almost reminded me of lemon poppy-seed flavor!
But they weren't!
I did a simple white cake.
The yellow coating is just vanilla flavored.
And then did black sugar sprinkles.
I sure hope they liked them!
This was only my second sports themed order!
Good luck Chiefs!

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