Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cookies + Children = Smiles

Of course I love getting paid orders for my baked goods.
But I think I have to say, that donating baked goods brings me even more joy.

Especially when it involves children!
Giving a child a special cookie, cupcake, or cake pop that is specially decorated...or even CUSTOMIZED for them...
And watching the smile spread across their face...

I did these cookies for my youngest son's class for Valentine's Day.
We weren't assigned treat duty (we did Halloween)...
But at our kids' school, most kids attach a treat to their Valentine cards.
Many attach candy, some attach pencils or erasers, some attach stickers or tatoos, some a small toy, and this year, my son even got a CD with one Valentine!
But my son decided he wanted mom to attach cookies to his Valentine cards.
Fine by me!
That just means I get in more practice...
And let's face it...I can't say no to my boys!
I love doing things like this for them and their friends.
So I happily abliged.
I think they turnd out ok.
I just did a very simple design since he has THIRTY kids his class, LOL!
Didn't have time for a lot of intricate detail this time.
But he said they all liked them.
And that's why I do what I do.
Sometimes payment in compliments, smiles, and hapiness is better than the almighty dollar (for me).

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  1. Love it!! And I bet all his classmates did, too!! You are an awesome mom!