Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cake Truffles...

Tonight I made some cake truffles.
(Thanks Sandra, teeheehee!)
They are called many things by many people.
But my friend Sandra came up with the word "cake truffles" and I liked the sound of it!
Basically they're cake pops without the pop.

I did a yellow cake.

Coated some in chocolate.

Coated some in vanilla.

I think I've decided that vanilla is my favorite.
How about you?
What's your favorite coating?
And for all you cake pop experts out there...
I'd love to know...
What is the best melting chips for cake pops.
I've heard sooooo many bakers say they don't like Wilton.
Which ones do YOU like best!
Leave me a comment!


  1. My favorite coating are Guittard melts. BUT it is hard to find those, unless I order them online. Because a lot of what I make is kind of last minute (like, hey, this is a good idea and I DON'T WANT TO WAIT) I end up using Wilton. They melt good, but I always have trouble with white.

    Your cake truffles (much better sounding than balls!) look so beautiful!

  2. I like to use the Merckens melts when I can ... I have used Wilton melts for my chocolate plaques and such. And ... I have also used real chocolate for my chocolate covered strawberry cake truffles! (Forgot about those in my comment on your Babycakes maker post). :)