Friday, July 22, 2011

In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was a girl...who was restless in her day to day job. 
She always admired beautiful cakes, cookies, and sugarcrafts and thought, "Wow.  I wish I could do that."
She marveled at her many cake decorating friends.
And one day, while she was at Hobby Lobby, she saw they were offering a Wilton Cake Basics class.
Being the bargain savy girl she was, she was drawn even more because they were offering it for half price!
So she signed up and took the class.
She was hooked!
She LOVED sugarcrafting!
She wanted to take the rest of the classes, but due to conflicts with work, church, and her family's schedule, she never got around to it.
She continued to read books, magazines, blogs, websites, and watch tutorials online to keep learning new techniques.
Her family grew tired of the non-stop sweets in the house, so she decided to broaden her horizons and start a baking blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account to share her journey with others.
She wanted to share her sweet treats with others by doing give-aways.
And there you have it.
That is the history of Melody's sugarcrafting journey!
Corny, eh?

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