Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Cookies...WARNING: High Heat & Humidity Made For An Awful Experience With Royal Icing!

I set out to do some more practicing this week with Royal Icing.

But as many of you know...
Most of the U.S experienced EXTREME heat and humidity last week.

This made my Royal Icing a BEAR to work with.

I had no idea weather played such a key role in icing.

It was "fluffy".
I thinned it.
It was runny.
It was everything it SHOULDN'T have been.

These "star" technique cookies were about the only ones I was happy with.

They turned out half decent.

Except once the icing dried...
It had a very ODD texture.

Royal Icing is a VERY temperamental thing I'm learning.

None the less, I got some more experience.

Maybe not "good" experience.

But I got to play around.

And EAT...

And share...

After all...
If you can't have fun...
What good is it?

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  1. My icing was awful this week too!! ( I found that I needed to just barely whip it or it got too frothy, and I hate frothy royal icing.) I love that we both work in the dental field!!! Who knew we'd wind up with so much in common! Congrats on the blog.... I can't wait to see more! <3 Stephanie